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    Hey guys, Is there a way to get rid of my menu and just have a full screen image from one of the two buttons on the side of my 4.7" Touch monitor? I would love to be able to get the image a little bigger when I'm not using the menus but if I disable them completely and go full screen I will not be able to control the camera.. Is there a way to map it to toggle on and off using one of the side buttons? I just can't figure out in the key mapping what it would be called.

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    go to setup / key mapping... press the key you wish to change... and assign it LCD TOP CYCLE MODE

    If for any reason you loose control of the camera from there LCD (but should not happen unless you change monitor priority list) you can always double tap on the LCD to make it the main touch screen again.
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    Yeah, what Mika said, also you could enable the auto-hide menus feature in the corresponding monitoring section.
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    No need to keymap. Auto hide in the display menu setting will allow you to tap on and off your menus.
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