Thread: Weapon MG + tilta wooden handle 2.0 start/stop issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonardo Sergiani View Post
    Hi Mark
    Thanks for your detailed analysis of the problem.
    Excuse me so, if i understand well, it would be enough to buy this cable for Alexa:
    and use with my Red camera + DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander !
    This would not cause any problem, any damage a the Red camera and do you think with that cable the handle will work?
    unbelievable ... will be a great solution for this problem !
    Please let me know if i understanad well,
    thanks again
    That cable WILL work for run/stop IF you have a 3-pin connector on the camera for run/stop. The DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander does not have a 3-pin on the module - so you would have to have a Wooden Camera top plate with a 3-pin or RED's top plate with 3-pin - or the forthcoming Bright Tangerine Top Plate
    Mark L. Pederson
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    Hi Mark
    Many thanks very friendly, all understand now ...
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