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Zeb, Congrats! So after shooting with the Gemini since the 6 originals were released and putting it in pretty much every condition and lighting scenario possible, here's what I'd recommend and what I use.

1TB Mini-Mag - $3,000
RED Pro 5.0 - $1,500
DSMC2 Side Handle - $1,000
Wooden Camera POGO to Lemo Display Cable - $210
Wooden Camera Zip Focus (AMAZING) - $500
Tilta Matte Box MB-T12 - $700
Tiffen Rota ND Kit - $1,200
Tilta Camera Cage C1 - $1,500
RED V-Mount I/O Module - $1,900
6x Core SWX Nano V-Mounts (TSA Approved to go with you on the plane) - $1,380

Total - Roughly $12,880

I can't speak to the pro audio since I haven't really run my set-up that way, but I know there are some pretty slick modules out there. Also, if you have the budget, I cannot cannot CANNOT say enough good things about the RED DSMC2 EVF. It's pricey, yes, but nailing focus is a complete breeze and my eye never got tired. If you get it, be sure to put gaff around the eye cup where it connects to the EVF because I've had it come off twice.
Hi Levi, I'm new to owning a RED camera and recently picked up a Raven. I'm writing to see if you have had any negative experiences using the Core 98wh Nano batteries?

I'm looking to get them for my power source, but was told by RED that the 8a max draw could be problematic and was recommended to get the Hypercore series instead (I was recommended towards the Hypercore series when I called Core as well).

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you -George