We are selling our weapon monstro as it just doesnít get the use at our company that it should.

It was an extremely expensive camera and sits at the absolute top of the RED range. It was ordered way back when the larger VV format was announced and we only took possession of the larger sensor at the beginning of this year.

Iíve priced up as close as I can with the current DSMC2 range but carbon fibre is no longer an option which is a shame as they are so much lighter and more suited to drone and gimbal work. The carbon fibre option was always crazy expensive, at least $10,000 more than any other model.

The Monstro differs a lot from an 8K Helium. The main difference is that you can still get 100fps at 5K 2:1 which is a similar sensor size to S35 where as the sensor is heavily cropped on a Helium which does not show most lenses at their best.

Itís got the 7inch monitor, side kick, two different rear modules so you can have XLR audio in.

I put three red mags on the model I priced up but be aware we are only selling 1 512Gb mag with this camera. We are keeping two cards and the reader for other cameras.

We also paid £5,000 for a two year warrantee at the beginning of the year so there is still 18 months remaining on this. It is showing just over 700 hours but theses have been accumulated over the years we had the camera with a standard dragon sensor in. Since the Monstro sensor has been installed it has only been used a handful of times.

It comes in the case with two more OLPFs, mains and handle. Thereís a small scratch in the screen, it does not affect its operation at all.

Unfortunately for us, things have changed in the three years we waited for it to be delivered and itís not now the main focus of our business. Please feel free to ask any questions and you can also come and have a go of the camera if you like. The sale is subject to UK VAT which I believe is not applicable to USA sales, Iím not sure itís is for EU either?

Looking for £42,000