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  1. #1 Schneider 4x5.65 ND's & 138mm Pola 
    Schneider 138mm True-Pol Linear Polarizer + pouch
    $200 + shipping


    Schneider 4"x5.65" ND.3 + pouch **SOLD**
    Schneider 4"x5.65" ND.6 + pouch **SOLD**
    Schneider 4"x5.65" ND.9 + pouch **SOLD**
    Schneider 4"x5.65" ND1.2 + pouch **SOLD**
    Schneider 4"x5.65" ND1.5 + pouch **SOLD**
    Schneider 4"x5.65" ND1.8 + pouch **SOLD**


    Original owner. No scratches or chips on any of these.

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