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    I am trying to recover some files on my Monstro. The mag has been reformatted about 5 times since the footage I am looking for.
    My question is how to tell when the program has stopped searching. I have not received the "DONE" notification, but the program has been idle for several hours.
    At what point do you give up? I did notice that it would sometimes sit idle for about a half hour before finding new files.
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    as far as I have noticed (it was with a scarlet-w and not a Monstro) the disks are always written on in the same order.
    in my case the disk was once written completely full to the end. and then used again. Red undead then discovered all the clips that where on the disk plus then from clip 27 on all the clips written the time before.
    So I guess a good thing will be to see how old your clips are that are recovered, and then go from there when to stop
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