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  1. #1 Epic-W Helium and Raven Packages 
    Looking to sell a Helium and Raven Package and lots of accessories. Located in Dallas, TX.

    Helium 8K Package (Serial # 3673 - 168 Hours)
    EPIC-W Helium Brain
    RED EF Mount
    Wooden Camera PL Mount
    Wooden Camera Easy Top
    Wooden Camera Easy Riser w/15mm Rod Bracket
    Wooden Camera NATO Handle Kit plus Rail
    Wooden Camera A Box
    Wooden Camera B Box
    (and C Box with easy back from old Epic setup)
    5" RED Touch with 3 Lemo Touch Cables
    Wooden Camera Arm
    1x 512GB MiniMag
    2x 240GB MiniMags
    RED MiniMag Case
    1x USB 3/eSata MiniMag reader
    2x AC Power Supplies
    VLock I/O Expander
    Skin Tone, LLO and Standard OLPFs
    (also new in the box - additional 1x LLO and 1x Skin Tone OLPF)
    Kippertie OLPF Case
    Pelican 1510 with Trekpak
    Original RED Epic-W Brain Case
    RTMotion Lattitude
    Teradek Bolt Pro 300 with 1xHDMI Reciever

    RED Raven (Serial # 640 - 160 hours)
    Raven Brain
    4.7" Red Touch (DSMC2)
    DSMC2 Outrigger Handle
    HDMI Jetpack
    VMount Battery Belt Clip
    1x 120GB MiniMag
    1x AC Power Supply
    RED Raven Pelican Case
    Kippertie Raven internal 6 x FS-ND kit[/I]

    [SOLD] VLock I/O Expander (Broken AC power input but otherwise fine)

    Willing to move the individual packages separately but I don't want to break up the kits if i don't have to.

    Photos -
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    Bump - and an asking price per package:

    Epic-W Helium Kit - $39,500
    Raven Kit - $9,500

    If you have offers throw them my way... we'll see if we can make a deal. These are amazing cameras in great shape. Unfortunately we have a lot of doc style work coming our way and we're trying to get into an Amira to make the workflow easier otherwise we would stick with these guys!
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    Bump - Taking offers. Anybody interested?
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    Bump - Price reduced.

    Helium package - $37,000
    Raven Kit - $9,250
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    Max one bump per Werk, please.
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    Apologies - only updated as things sell / price updates. Thanks!
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    How much for the 240gb?
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    Trying not to break up the packages if I can help it.

    Also - the Raven package is back on the market. The buyer quit responding just before payment.
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    Raven package is pending sale but the Epic-W is still up for grabs. asking $35k.
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