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    The V mount is more broadcast-video oriented, and as many have said is not a reliable system. Anton Bauer (3 pin) is much better connection.
    I will have to respectfully disagree. As someone who largely serves the "broadcast" side of the market and has for the last 22 years, Gold Mount is the de-facto battery mount standard and was before V-mount was "a thing". Yes, some do use V-mounts, but GM is still the dominant and preferred mount. Panasonic has included A/B Gold Mount plates as 'native' on most of their monitors and cameras for at least a decade and a half, if not longer. Even PAG, who has their own mounting system, started manufacturing gold mount versions of their own batteries half a decade ago.
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    We currently have only V-Mount. What is the best way to use Gold Mount for Red? Most of their backs are V-Mount based as far as I can tell.
    Only option I see is this one:
    But how do you use timecode etc then?

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