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    Successful surgery on both of my Dragons...Thanks Toni!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin Cabral View Post
    I understand that bringing the camera to Red is the best because they have a dust-free environment, highly trained technicians and the best tools. In addition to the logistics involved in receiving cameras and sending them back.
    However $500 makes me think that Red does not want to charge less than that to not receive hundreds of cameras that have this problem.
    And to me it seems expensive to pay $500 to change a simple $2 battery that lasts about two years.
    Why Red does not offer a DIY solution at your own risk like this?
    I really like this kind of post. And Im sure Ill be thinking about doing the same if my clock stops...

    This isn't directed at anyone in particular, just food for thought.. As I had my camera serviced recently a couple months ago and will again have it serviced after coming off of almost 2 months of everyday work in pretty harsh conditions.. I even tried to get my camera back sooner then they could go through the check out processes and RED said sure, just sign this so we know your OK with us sending it to you before we have done a complete check out. Luckly the full check out process finished before I needed the camera but it made me nervous as to think if anything happened on the camera and I asked to pull it early from the inspection. That would all be on me..

    What would any of us on this post pay for a battery change... Maybe RED could offer a Batt only change with not other services or a step by step walk through on how to.. Im curious as to what is too expensive and what is about what we feel is a fair price. Im sure RED would like to know what the price point is for a basic batt change and basic inspection.
    As some of you know that when you send your camera in it goes through a bunch of checks before they get to the issue you stated on your service order and after they go through a complete check out of test to make sure the camera doesn't have any hiccups that maybe by fixing the issue you originally sent it in for now shows up.
    Its not as simple as an oil change on a car. Think of an oil change with a complete diagnostic of your and evaluation of all your working parts and eletronics of your car. I see how 500 seems steep for a batt change. But lets just say you change the batt and then you notice that the time code still doesn't work... what then? or some other system related issues arise. I would rather have it in the shop at RED than to start to wonder. If something I disconnected shorted out on something else and... well you get the idea..
    Im very skilled at electronic repair and might in an emergency consider changing out the battery my self but if I have the time and the camera just came back from a month or couple months of working everyday I would probably just send it in to RED to have them do a full checkout and change the batt just to be sure and know what else might be going on with my camera.
    This is just general scheduled service. Although now that I read that Id probably wait a little longer depending on the type of work it has been doing. If its in a studio all day that is different than sizzling in 110 jungle or desert heat with salted humid air smashing it 24/7.
    Would you just change your own oil over and over again for 80 thousand miles with out ever having a general check out..??? And then go drive out in to the desert with hundreds of miles with no service centers or cell service on the most important job you've had in a few years???

    Im with you that 500 seems steep for a batt change but as Bjorn said 500 is pretty good for a technical service visit that gives you peace of mind that your camera will work the day it arrives..
    That said if your service visit is 5 or 15 precent of the value of your camera its a hard pill to swallow..
    Or you could always set your clock when you change batts...
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    Just did this on a Scarlet-X with success. Clock no longer resets. Thank you so much Toni!!!
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    Yes! Thanks Toni. My Spanish not good enough to follow your instructions but the pictures were more than enough. Camera is holding the date and time now. Fingers crossed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toni Tur View Post
    In reality it is very simple if you have experience dismantling electronic devices.
    I have not translated it because there are words that I do not know how they say in English and in the end it's easier with images step by step.
    You just have to be careful with the 6 connectors that you have to take out and put back very carefully, besides taking care that no screws fall inside the rest of the electronic circuits ...

    But I repeat, if you do not feel comfortable doing it, do not do it !!
    Hi Toni,

    Thank you for your post.

    But that link does not work.

    Please could you repost the step by step photos?

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    Will be doing this soon, thank you!
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    +1 on getting those pics back up - need to do this on my Scarlet-x
    Anglo-American DP, shooting docs and branded content in LA.
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    Thanks, Toni! Just did it. Took 20 minutes on my Dragon Epic-X. Yeah, not really sure why they would bury that battery way in there if it indeed only lasts 2 years.
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    I just did it on my RED Epic-X Dragon. Thanks a lot Toni (and Todd for the traduction) !

    You rock !
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    Is there a site with pics or video that show how to do replace this battery?

    Need to attempt with a Scarlet MX.

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