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Ok so what you are telling me is that under normal lighting conditions this lens is just fine. You've saved me a crapload of money, and helped me quite a bit. If the UMP can handle it then the RED will have no problem. Does the power pin on the UMP a natural fit for the cabrio? Or is an adaptor needed?

Yep fast enough, have you ever tried focussing during run and gun at F4, it's almost impossible.

The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro PL Mount lets you use the world’s highest quality professional cinema lenses with your URSA Min Pro camera. The PL lens mount features contact pins for compatibility with Cooke’s i/Technology protocol so information such as lens make and model, serial number, iris setting, focus distance and zoom position can be saved as metadata and used in software like DaVinci Resolve. In addition, you can also power and control broadcast style cine-servo zoom lenses using the camera’s 12-pin Hirose connector.