Some of you may have already seen these floating around on Facebook-

Maxx Digital is offering a series of hard-shell Holstex simulated carbon fiber covers for DSMC and DSMC2 RED TOUCH LCDs. We are seeing quite a few of these screens scratched over time- especially on rentals, or when folded down over a top-plate, etc. Unfortunately, a simple scratch to the touch screen can equal a pretty big repair bill, or remain as a long term annoyance.

I am not aware of another LCD cover solution like this on the market, and the Woven look blends in PERFECTLY with the Brain. (See Attached Photos)
CineSkinz will also fit on the LCD in the original LCD box, so they are perfect for use from storage to setup, or when stepping away quickly from the camera on set.

Cineskinz are currently available starting at $64.95 (with free shipping) on our website: