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    This is a rare find!

    MK3 Zeiss Super Speeds. Completely matching set of 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm. All T1.3's.

    These lenses have been privately held. I'm a director so they've only worked a few times a year compared to an AC's or DoP's set of lenses for example that might work all the time.

    I'll let this link to the images do most of the talking.

    The lenses have been routinely taken care of through Stacy Strode at Birns & Sawyer and then Paul Duclos at Duclos Lenses. Back in 2016 I had Paul Duclos do routine maintenance. These lenses have not been used more than a few times since as I've been switching career directions.

    With our maintenance I've always gone above and beyond to keep them in great shape. I always wanted the lenses completely taken care of when I sent them in.

    The only notable issue with any of the lenses is that after I sent the lenses to Duclos in 2016 Paul called and told me that during his inspection something was jostled and that from then forward the 25mm would always bloom at WFO. I don't mechanically know exactly what he was referring to, but other knowledgeable folks seem to know what I'm talking about it and it seems par for the course for lenses getting into this age. There is no repair for it. Apparently it happens on the 18mm and 25mm after enough time.

    To be clear the net effect is that at WFO, the 25mm has a blooming effect. Stop down even a 1/10th of a stop and it disappears. In other words if you were at T1.4 instead of T1.3 you would notice no difference on the 25mm. At WFO the effect looks like a pro-mist in the highlights. So it really has no effect on what you can create with the set.

    There are no other notable issues that I am aware of. There are some light scratches here and there across the set, but nothing that is noticeable in terms of image quality.

    Only willing to sell the set as a set. I do not count the 12mm in this set. I'm taking offers now. I live in Austin now, though the set is likely to be in Los Angeles by next week given the requests I've had so far.

    Also note, that I will include a nice traveling pelican with the purchase. The Pelican is about 3 years old. So still in pretty good shape.

    The 12mm is a Zeiss T 2.1 for sale at $5,500. Really fun lens, doesn't fully cover 5k obviously. But still a fantastic tool in the toolkit. Easier to rent out than you might think.

    Please email me at or feel free to ring me at 310-666-7044.

    For your convenience, I've attached a few images below. But very detailed images are in the link above.


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    Nicholas Evan Vedros
    Director And Photographer
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    Emailed. Interested.
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    Please add prices to the lenses, as per marketplace rules. Thanks.
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    Interested! Please mail me at!
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    please mail price to
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