For sale- 4,100$ (Drop from last post)

Our beloved RED One MX- SN: 10240
2 V Mount Batteries (RED)
1 Dual V Mount Charger
1 LCD Screen (Light cosmetic wear, see photos, it works perfectly fine and we have had no issues with it)
1 64 GB 1.8 SSD
1 320 GB RED Brick Drive and Cable (The drive is old and sometimes had issues mounting to laptops via firewire, we have switched to SSDs but for studio work they are a nice backup)
1 Nikon Optitek Mount
1 All Star Universal Cine Mount
1 V Mount Battery Plate
1 Top Handle
1 DEADLY Bracket (on camera)
Assortment of extra audio cables and expanders
1 Rail Adapter
Not Pictured is a Shoulder Mount I could potentially throw in
Motivated to Sell!

Just shot with it this summer