Thread: Cinematography of 2030s: Ultra HFR! I have witnessed realtime 1000fps on real 1000Hz.

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    NVIDIA partnered with Blur Busters (my business) to create a motion test for the new ASUS 360 Hz gaming monitor:

    PC Magazine says ASUS now has a road map to 1000 Hz (~2030s)
    I met ASUS at CES 2020 and they confirmed they said that. A long term road map.

    I also met with a couple of HDMI Forum about the refresh rate race to future retina refresh rates. There is a need to go up a bit sharply on the diminishing curve of returns (144Hz->360Hz is a 2.5x jump much like 60Hz->144Hz is, while 240Hz->360Hz is toot tiny incremental). Eventually, retina refresh rates will merge with retina resolution -- there is now an engineering path!

    After that, there is a need to dramatically up the curve. 120Hz -> 480Hz, or 120Hz -> 1000Hz, to show hugely visible benefits in the diminishing curve of returns. Many articles say 240Hz vs 360Hz are tiny difference -- ignore those. Read those websites that write properly about the 360 Hz monitor, and understand how the diminishing curve of returns work.

    RED Cinema needs to pay attention to the 2030s road map -- we are a 2030s Road Map Business. Retina spatial resolution is almost fully milked, and it will be time to milk retina refresh rates. 4K was 5 figure priced back in the IBM T221 days. Now 4K is a Walmart $299 sale. 120 Hz is about to be commoditized with the upcoming iPhone and Galaxy. 240 Hz is still bleeding edge but will become more mainstream.
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    Heh. I was standing right behind you at the Nvidia event at CES Mark. Thanks for that very useful tool.

    Camera-wise it will be interesting to see if 1000Hz ever becomes part of the equation. In gaming it will, though somewhere around 480Hz might end up being the end of the line. I agree fully that a higher refresh rate helps with the user experience in interfacing with programs and games.

    At the moment in our industry due to the stretching futures of common workflows the industry is mainly focused on 24, 30, 60, and 120fps content. I'm talking the live-action workflow here.

    And the most interesting thing surrounding cinematography and HFR is it's a highly debated subject. More so than Resolution or HDR. However, in HFR the potential to solve various motion issues related to higher contrast ratio HDR grades and display tech is there.

    Motion Cadence has a drastic effect on the emotional impact of a motion picture. Many are still exploring HFR's potential, but similarly some squeezed the lemon and got juice in their eyes.
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    Why the F am I subscribed to this thread, I don't even have a post here? It doesn't look familiar, and the original posts definitely should if I read them.
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