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    This morning I went to prepare for a shoot and my 7 inch touch screen,my only way of accessing my scarlet w at the moment, did not turn on. I updated the firmware and still when I plug in the LCD either trough lemo mount or top plate directly the modem flashes until removed. I put in a support ticket any suggestions?
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    I have the same problem, let me know if you have an update
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    Experiencing the exact same thing on an Weapon 8K S35. Tried two different 7in screens, the EVF and both the Lemo A and Lemo B adapters. No signal on the screen.
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    I am having a very similar issue with Epic-W. Just got the camera back from red service a few weeks ago, functioned properly for two days of shooting no issues at all. Now, for whatever reason, blank screen. I did a hard reset and am getting this error: Firmware Upgrade Failed: Error upgrading one of: Interal FPGA. After the reboot, I can boot as normal, but after I turn off a few times, the same thing happens. Whats strange is that there is some sort of pattern I am seeing with it, mixed in with a few seemingly normal boot ups. I wonder if its a firmware issue (I am on 7.0.3) and maybe try to temporarily roll back to a previous one real quick, anyone know where to download old firmware builds?

    Edit: I see the OP came from older firmware possibly, so maybe different issues, but it would be nice to know where to get older firmware builds.
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