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    What dB pad is right to use with a mini XLR to XLR cable for the original RED ONE?

    As it appears the original RED ONEs (later RED ONEs had this fixed) had an issue that audio in would distort, so RED would sell cables with a built in pad.

    But I can't find info anywhere as to exactly what specs that cable had. (my friend with the REDs owns one of these original cables from RED, however it has no markings whatsoever as to what strength dB the pad in the cable is. And we need four of these cables, but he only owns one)

    My plan for him was he should buy the Laird TA3M Mini XLR to Female 3-Pin XLR cable for a RED ONE (but this cable is for the latest generation RED ONEs, they don't need a built in pad) then buy an additional pad such as perhaps a Whirlwind IMPAD10. But would be nice to have some additional confirmation as to what strength is appropriate?! So he can be 110% sure.

    Any insight to this is appreciated! (Sound Recordist based in Auckland, NZ. Happy to travel too)
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    If no one can provide a definitive answer I'd suggest also getting this variable pad
    Then run a test signal e.g 1 Khz slate from a sound devices mixer into Red One using your friends cable, set your level on camera. Then, without adjusting level on camera, switch out his cable for your cable plus attenuator (you'll have -10, -20 -30 and -40 dB to try out). Whatever hits roughly the same level on your Red One is the same attenuation as your friends cable
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