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  #1 REDCINE X 50.1 
    50.1 is now live on Enjoy!

    Added: ColorSpace DCI-P3 D65 and Gamma Curves Hybrid Log-Gamma, Gamma 2.2 and Gamma 2.6 to the IPP2 Output Transform settings.
    Added: The ability to generate 26, 32, and 65 point Creative 3D LUTS.
    Updated: The Viewer’s Source field shows the bin the clip is from (File Browser, Project, or Timeline).
    Fixed: Software ACES and Legacy GPU ACES export issues.
    Fixed: REDline’s ColorSciVersion IPP2 command line switch.
    Fixed: QuickTime export’s missing Color Space and Gamma Curve Output Transform settings.
    Fixed: Secondary Monitor distortion/aspect ratio issues.
    Fixed: Export Pipeline now saved with the Export Presets.
    Fixed: Issues with external control surface controls mapping to the wrong controls.
    Fixed: Clips can now be dragged to the Viewer window.
    Fixed: IPP2 OpenCL Denoise color shift issue.

    RCX 50.1

    Photoshop Plugin
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    Thanks Jarred!

    Looking forward to more announcements!
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    Senior Member Bob Gundu's Avatar
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    Redcine keeps getting better... for freeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    VFX, Cinematographer, Photographer
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    Thanks Jarred! updating now!
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    Every time I turn around its like a new thingy comes to me from RED.
    Thanks RED Team.
    Epic Forged Weapon (Aerial)
    Epic X (Tribal)
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    Thanks peeps. This came in at just the right time :)
    Phil Holland - Cinematographer - Los Angeles
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    Senior Member Akin A's Avatar
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    Photoshop Plugin! Yes!
    Filmmaker, Actor
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    Epic-X Dragon #08468 | Sigma Art 18-35/1.8, 35/1.4, 50/1.4, Rokinon 85/1.4
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    EPIC-D with 9" touch, 4 RAVENs, RPP, Sigma 18-35 PL, Motion Mount, VF/RED-rock wireless FF, Pana 17", JVC 20", Seadicam with SEGWAY, Letus 4-Axis with L'Aigle Exoskeleton.

    Trash-Can 12-core Max'd-out) +MBP (Retina), RED Rocket (Sonnet), RAID system (Promise Pegasus II), Adobe Production (CC), FCS2, Resolve 12 with MC Color, 50" 4K Panel
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    Woo glad the denoise colour shift is fixed! It's been a big issue for me.
    Red EPIC-W #003307 "Annabelle"
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