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    Monstro (HDR 6, simple blend) clips have the following error after about a minute through rendering:

    === Effect: OCL Stage1 Adapt. Failed to write 2D image for 8. Memory object allocation failure
    Failure within processOpenCL

    I have set both CPU and GPU fans to cool at 100%, but the error reappeared immediately after it had showed once.
    I let hardware cool down then tried to render again, and after about a minute the same error would appear.

    PC specifications:
    Windows 10 64-bit
    REDCINE-X build V50.43840
    NVIDIA Titan X driver V388.43
    INTEL Core i9-7980XE

    Maybe the .rd3 HDR clips had errors inside themselves after they were pushed by the camera's hardware near maximum. Non HDR clips are ok. Solution: more compression prior to shooting
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    What compression ratio did you shoot at?

    That seem weird that you could shoot at a compression ratio that would be impossible for a computer to handle. I thought it would just take an insanely long time if your computer was underpowered?

    Can you try rendering out at the exact same settings, but from Resolve instead? I'd be interested to know what happens.

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    I was having the same problem with epic-w helium footage. Updated RedcineX to the latest release (not beta) and everything rendered fine.
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