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  1. #1 LP-E6 connector for small hd 502 
    I have a dtap to Lemo. I want to chop the lemo off and replace it with a LP-e6 connector to work with the 502 lcd monitor by small hd.
    Anyone know where I can buy just the connector? And does there need to be any inline resistors or anything?

    Im only able to find Premade dtap to lp-e6 cables. My cable has Sdi and power in one. So Id like to just replace the lemo.

    Any help very much appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad Lancaster View Post
    media blackout can make you one

    I already have the cable made up, but I wanted to re terminate the lemo for a LP-e6, so just after the LP-e6 connector at this point.
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    Amazon sells this pretty cheap and easy to get.
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    Be aware that 50x and 70x needs regulated voltage (7.2V - 8.4V) from the LP-E6 terminals...

    Be sure to buy a LP-E6 dummy battery with integrated DC-DC step down voltage regulator...not the "plain" version.

    16.8V from a charged V-Mount / Gold Mount battery will FRY your 502.

    Hope it helps.
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