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    Hey Alex, did you get that "audio buffer overflow" message before the camera shuts down?
    Every now and then I use pre record I get a similar behaviour of the camera ( I run Epic dragon)
    I could reduce it buy secure formatting the media and keep the temperature on my dragon low, maybe this helps a little
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    I'd send a log file to RED. I had a similar error code with random shutdowns last year on my Scarlet-W. Turned out to be an issue with one of the boards inside. If it seems like a power issue it could be worth trying to replicate the issue with another I/O expander module if you have one handy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexJones View Post
    Hey so does this apply every time you format the card? I noticed it doesn’t happen when I secure format it but I never had to secure format with the epic MX unless I had issues. Mini mags are new to me. So I need to zero it out each time now?
    I'm going to sound like an idiot because I don't know what's happening internally in the SSD when you format vs secure format so I can't speak to the technical side of it but
    my rep said he's actually asked the engineers for a feature request that has some sort of notification that pops up on the camera that tells users to secure-format their card when pre-record is enabled. He just said it puts a lot of stress on the media because it's constantly recording and deleting. Could be magnified on the Helium because it's that much more info than the MX?.. I will periodically secure-format my mini mags when shooting normally but not even close to every time. Like maybe every tenth time. Only time I've run into an issue has been with pre-record.
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