Thread: Brand new Canon 1DC & Brand new Canon C500 (for $4000 & $7000)

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  1. #1 Brand new Canon 1DC & Brand new Canon C500 (for $4000 & $7000) 
    A friend of mine wanted me to see if I can sell these cameras on this forum (he doesn't have an account).

    They are both brand new, he bought them for a project that never ended up taking off. So here we are...

    The Canon 1DC was tested to see 4K (C-log) works without a hitch. So there is a few seconds to a min. worth of recording on it. Zero Actuations in terms of photos. My friend also applied tempered glass to protect the top and back LCD screens, if that means anything to you. It will come with 2 CF cards (one 128Gb and another 32Gb). It will also come with 2 additional (on top of the single battery) to a total of 3 batteries (Canon branded LP-E4N batteries, see pictures). All for $4000 + shipping.

    Similarly, the Canon C500, it was tested to see if it will record video on a CF card, unfortunately - the 4K was not tested because he does not have an external recorder to do that. Additional things this camera comes with: a hard-case (pre-cut foam), 3 additional batteries (total of 4 Canon branded batteries that work with the CXXX - 2 big and 2 small, see pictures) and 2 CF cards (one 128Gb and another 32Gb). All for $7000 + shipping.

    He is willing to listen to reasonable offers. Please use the private message system we have here on this site to contact me.

    P.S. Just to be clear, there are 4 CF cards here (equally split, I guess?)
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    is the C500 PL mount?
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    No its EF mount.
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    C500 sold.
    1dc still available.
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    Wanted to have the c500... Too bad. Wish 1dc recorded 10bit or offered external Raw recording.
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