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Lol glad you got it figured out!

P.S. Maybe I should just drop this whole filmmaking thing and become a therapist. Probably more money.... and less drama
For some reason I was ass backward with the RCX workflow.

I was not importing the AAF and only tried to use the ALE.

Felt good to know that the RCX workflow is viable but in the end Resolve won the race.

A 92 clip test I did in Resolve took half the time than RCX on a HP Z840 32GB and NVIDIA K5000.

On my Mac Pro D700 64GB it took almost 8 times longer.

Even worse, I mixed the two renders in Avid and exproted to AAF for Resolve.

Only the Resolve files linked back to the RAW.

I must be doing something wrong with the RCX but Its all moot, the whole lot is transcoded and ready for assembly.