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  1. #1 DSMC Accessories-- Redvolt XL, Nikon Mount, Top Handle, OLPF ETC 
    Selling some accessories that I no longer use/never used! They are gathering dust so priced to sell. Mainly Redvolt battery package left-- make an offer on the whole kit.

    Located in USA. Happy to ship worldwide, if shipping is covered by buyer. Feel free to PM and/or ask for details/pictures on anything. Paypal preferred.

    --RED DSMC2 Standard OLPF (never used, in case) $200
    --RED DSMC2 Top Handle (brand new, came with Weapon upgrade and never used) $350 SOLD
    --(2x) RED DSMC Nikon AL Mount (each recently serviced by RED, come with boxes, and each with a bonus extra RED Nikon sensor cap. Each has slight wear on the paint on the lens release button but otherwise great condition. I serviced them because they weren't working on some of my Sigmas, and RED cleaned them up and replaced the motors, but they still didn't work with the Sigmas. Red then acknowledged their Nikon mounts do not support aperture control on some Sigma lenses even though they say they're compatible on the support site... In any case, these both work fine with my Nikon and Zeiss lenses, but I am switching my setup to Canon-mount. These are not the newer captive mount version, which only is only differentiated by captive screws.) $500 each. SOLD Would be into a swap with a Canon mount.
    --RED Station Mini-Mag Reader (USB3/ESATA, with box. I've moved to USBC version. Minor paint wear but otherwise great.) $100 SOLD
    --RED DSMC2 Redvolt XL Module (came with Weapon upgrade and rarely used, some paint wear but good condition) $350
    --REDVOLT QUAD Charger (minor use wear but great condition) $180.
    --(3x) RED Redvolt XL Batteries (used quite rarely, just tried them as the XL Module came with my weapon upgrade... but usually use my Anton Bauers and have stuck with those. Approximately 30-40 cycles on them I would guess. Also open to a deal on the whole Redvolt charge/module/battery package.) $150/each.

    --Wooden Camera Anton Bauer Gold Mount for DSMC1 (frayed and bent power cable but functionally fine) $100
    --(2x) Wooden Camera A-Box (paint worn but functionally fine) $70/each
    Ben Sturgulewski
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    One Nikon mount, sold!
    Ben Sturgulewski
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    Both Nikon mounts and top handle are sold!
    Ben Sturgulewski
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    Station mini-mag reader sold!
    Ben Sturgulewski
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    All sold! Thanks.
    Ben Sturgulewski
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    False alert-- Redvolt XL package (charger, module, batteries) still available. Make an offer!
    Ben Sturgulewski
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