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    You are probably already aware :

    If you have a non-VV magnesium PL mount lying around - RED will replace it with a VV version.

    As RED only (kindly!) offer to upgrade one mount in the Monstro upgrade process - it make more $ense to send the PL.

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    Kind of makes zero sense if a VV mount won't work on S35. So you're telling me if i owned a Monstro and bought a Helium sensor and was in the sensor swap program i still need to own 2 different mounts? I can understand yeah if my only one was s35 size but if i owned a VV one how is that not backwards compatible? I had actually been considering selling both my s35 mounts and buying 2 VV mounts just to cover me incase I moved forward or rented just a VV body on occassion.
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