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    Hello, we are pleased to report the release of DaVinci Resolve 14.1
    This is a no charge update for existing customers and the Studio and free version is available on the BMD support web site.

    Important Information regarding Database Management
    DaVinci Resolve 14.1 requires a database upgrade from DaVinci Resolve 14.0.1 and previous versions.
    We strongly recommend that you backup your existing database (both DiskDB and PostgreSQL) before performing an upgrade.

    DaVinci Resolve Micro and Mini Panels
    Please note that DaVinci Micro and Mini panels will require a firmware update starting from 14.1.

    DeckLink Driver. Note we recommend the latest DeckLink Driver from the BMD support web site, Desktop Video 10.9.7

    Here is the full list of what’s new in DaVinci Resolve 14.1

    • Added support for a new Project Server application to manage a local PostgreSQL server on macOS and Windows
    • Added support for presets for User Preferences
    • Added ability to simultaneously generate cache files for multiple cache points on a clip
    • Added ability to enable/disable caching of transitions in User Mode in Project Settings
    • Added ability to enable/disable caching of composites in User Mode in Project Settings
    • Added ability to retain the cache when moving clips with speed changes applied
    • Added support for excluding individual tracks from sequence cache in User mode
    • Added support for applying individual color attributes when dragging nodes from the Display Node Graph window
    • Added support for a zoom slider in the Display Node Graph window
    • Added support for accessing both the clip and the timeline node graph for a Still in the Display Node Graph window
    • Addressed an issue where right clicking on a wiped still and selecting apply grade would not work
    • Added an option in the panel settings to switch between classic DaVinci and vectorscope trackball alignment
    • Added support for displaying video scopes on the Edit page
    • Improved title text rendering quality
    • Improved playback and rendering performance on the Radeon Pro WX 9100 GPU
    • Added support for RED IPP2 color processing
    • Added support for decompression and debayer options for Red Rocket cards
    • Added initial Linked Group support for audio tracks
    • Added the ability to drag and drop .drp project files into the Project Manager
    • Added support for a project setting to switch track metering between source and post-fader
    • Added the ability to update the track color of multiple selected tracks on the Fairlight page
    • Surround sound audio channels are now included in the downmix to stereo buses and monitors
    • Added support for a Project Setting to automatically apply convergence to windows and effects in 3D stereoscopic projects
    • Added support for groups in the Color page on collaborative projects
    • Added support for generating and rediscovering optimized media in collaborative projects
    • Added support for viewing audio codec information in the Metadata widget
    • Added support for GoPro CineForm as a caching and optimized media format
    • Added support for higher resolution DNxHR formats for MXF-based Fusion Connect workflows
    • ResolveFX Warper is now GPU accelerated
    • Bus section in the Fairlight page meters is now scrollable
    • Added support for decoding enhanced AC-3 audio on macOS and Windows
    • Improved performance of viewer in Fairlight page
    • Improved behavior and interactivity of timeline and track index in the Fairlight page
    • Added support for 2-D scrolling on the Fairlight page
    • Added support for source audio clips at any sample rate
    • Added support for Dolby Vision trim on compounds clips and Fusion Connect clips
    • Added ability to perform audio only insert to a tape deck
    • Added ability to capture video and audio or video only from a tape deck
    • Addressed an issue where the audio and video would sometimes be out of sync when capturing from a tape deck
    • Addressed an issue where an incorrect frame would sometimes be inserted when performing an assemble edit on a tape deck
    • Addressed an issue where recording microphone input on some tracks would not persist the recorded clip
    • Addressed an issue where the length of a duration marker could not be modified on the Fairlight page
    • Addressed an issue where deleting a bus that is being monitored would result in incorrect control room behavior
    • Addressed an issue where Audio FX in a project would not be persisted if the the Audio FX was not installed
    • Addressed an issue where moving or pasting clips in the Fairlight page would sometimes remove the associated transitions
    • Addressed an issue where assigning an offline reference clip to a timeline would result in loss of audio
    • Addressed an issue where switching timelines would sometimes result in loss of audio
    • Addressed an issue where dynamics would not apply evenly across stereo and 5.1 tracks
    • Addressed an issue where unintended audio fades would sometimes be applied
    • Addressed an issue where there was sometimes a change in audio level when playing back on the Edit and Fairlight page
    • Addressed an issue when duplicating a timeline with layers would result in additional layers
    • Addressed an issue where layers inside a compound clip would not play the correct audio
    • Addressed an issue where moving an audio clip in subframe increments would not update waveform positions
    • Addressed an issue where playback of nested timeline clips would not honor the mute state of the track
    • Addressed an issue where the track volume slider in the Inspector would sometimes be disabled
    • Addressed an issue when using Alt/Option + click to switch multicam angles
    • Addressed an issue where trimming a freeze frame clip would sometimes crash
    • Addressed an issue where video only clips could sometimes not be dragged from the source viewer
    • Addressed an issue where flags and markers from existing projects would not be loaded correctly
    • Addressed an issue where a marker name change would sometimes not get saved
    • Addressed an issue where importing FCPXML files with a subframe video edit would sometimes cause a crash
    • Addressed an issue where exporting an XML from some timelines would cause a crash
    • Addressed an issue where rendering a clip with synced audio in Individual Clips mode would not render the synced audio
    • Addressed an issue where “Render at source resolution” would not apply ResolveFX Face Refinement correctly
    • Addressed an issue where Fusion Connect clips would be rendered without temporal noise reduction applied
    • Addressed an issue where saving a project would fail in certain collaboration scenarios
    • Addressed an issue with saving a collaboration project when overwriting a clip in certain scenarios
    • Addressed an issue in collaboration where switching clips on the Color page would sometimes not acquire a lock
    • Addressed various issues with tracking of Power Windows when working in Cinemascope
    • Addressed various issues with tracking of Power Windows when using Center crop with no resizing
    • Addressed an issue where stabilization would sometimes not work with Edit and Input sizing applied
    • Addressed an issue where the tracking would be applied incorrectly when changing the timeline resolution or the clip pixel aspect ratio
    • Addressed an issue the FX tracker would sometimes not work correctly when Input or Edit sizing was applied
    • Addressed issues with applying 3D LUTs when using Metal as the GPU processing mode
    • Addressed an issue where some OpenFX plugins would cause flashing of grades
    • Addressed a crash in certain scenarios when switching to the Key Palette on a matte node
    • Addressed issue with playback performance of large projects in the Color page
    • Addressed an issue where render at source resolution would not apply stabilization
    • Addressed an issue where some memories would show up as blank when reloading project from disk database
    • Addressed a crash when opening some stereo projects upgraded from DaVinci Resolve 12.5.6
    • Addressed an issue with importing some DaVinci Resolve 12.5 projects
    • Addressed an issue where easyDCP renders would cause a crash on macOS 10.13 High Sierra
    • Addressed an issue where the easyDCP KDM generation would not honor the validity dates specified
    • Addressed an issue where decoding certain long QuickTime clips would repeat a frame
    • Addressed an issue where QuickTime ProRes 4444 clips would sometimes lose the alpha channel during playback
    • Addressed a crash when trimming and copying AIFF clips using Media Management
    • Addressed an issue where decoding HEVC clips at 2048x858 would sometimes result in artifacts
    • Addressed an issue where certain MXF clips would show incorrect duration
    • Addressed an issue when decoding certain Sony clips in an ACEScc workflow
    • Addressed a performance issue when media managing a large number of clips from the same source folder
    • Addressed an issue where floating Media Pool windows would not get updated correctly when performing an undo
    • Addressed an issue where resizing the Media Pool would sometimes result in a crash
    • Addressed an issue where a clip with a split edit would not be stored correctly in the Media Pool
    • Addressed some UI issues when running Resolve in full screen mode on macOS
    • Addressed a crash when opening the Effects Library when duplicate plugins are installed
    • Addressed connectivity issues with the DaVinci Resolve Advanced panel on Linux
    • Addressed an issue where large projects would sometimes hang during load
    • General performance and stability improvements
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    IPP 2 you say...
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    Wow! Long list of improvements. Installing 14.1 now to test the IPP2 support. Love how diligently BlackmagicDesign keeps improving Resolve and Fusion.
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    IPP2??? Downloading now.

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    Does this latest version support Monstro?
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    Guys, just in case you were confused like I was.

    In "camera raw"

    choose "Rec 709" for "colorspace" and "bt1886" for "gamma curve" and then select your tone curve and highlight rolloffs. Then it works like it does in redcine-x in the "preferences" tab, "image pipeline" and " Ipp2 monitoring".

    and it supports monstro .r3d clips not sure about monstro footage because I don't have any.
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    Does anyone know the highest resolution export setting possible with this version? We haven't been able to get davinci to export more than 4k.
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    Well, the highlight extension algorithm appears to have made it, as well as the improved demosaic. But there's several issues.

    Resolve's IPP2 implementation is applying the output transform after raw development, but before any grading nodes, which is backwards from the proper order of operations. This also means that philmColor LUTs (and other LUTs intended for RWG/Log3G10 input) will not work as intended if used on any node. They must be loaded into the RMD and called upon by the checkbox in the raw tab.

    The LUT portion of IPP2 is nothing but an on/off checkbox. Swapping out this LUT in Resolve is impossible, you have to stick with whichever one is loaded into the RMD metadata. So to change out this LUT, you have to open the .r3d in REDCINE-X Pro and then change the LUT there and overwrite the RMD. Cycling through LUTs will be a pain in the ass. And like I said above, you can't use LUTs that assume a RWG input (philmColor) on any node because they will be post-output-transform.

    If you're set to Version 3 color science, you can still select all of the other RED color spaces and gammas, even though they don't look any different than Rec709 and clearly aren't actually functioning. You can also change the Contrast/Highlight Rolloff options when doing so and see results on screen. This is going to lead to misinformation and people are going to think they can use "IPP2" with their footage processed to DragonColor2/RedGamma4, I guarantee it.

    The Color Space Transform OFX plugin, when changing from RWG/Log3G10 material to Rec709, appears to be different than the official IPP2 transforms and is yielding a darker image.

    In Project Settings, setting the input/timeline color space to RWG/Log3G10 and then output color space to Rec709 yields the same darker image that the OFX plugin does. I thought this would be my way around the first problem listed here, but unfortunately the image doesn't match. Also, when the clip settings are set to RWG/Log3g10, the Highlight/Contrast controls don't function (which makes sense as there's no defined display format to tone map to), so even if the output transform was correct, I would have to forgo these features.

    So back to RWG/Log3g10 development and the RED provided LUTs, for me, it looks like.

    At least we got full Monstro support...

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