Thread: RED One MX Birger EF mount back focus issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter sagnia View Post
    Hi Stian
    I am trying so hard to find a birger Mount as I have a few manual canon mount lenses.
    Would you be willing to sell yours?
    Hey Peter,

    I have a Birger EF mount for sale if you're still interested. Send me a PM. Thanks!
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    Hi everyone. Im trying to get an ef Mount for my red one. Does anyone have one for sale or point me in the right direction
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    Hey. I’m only now seeing this message. Do you still have it?
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    Hey Stian...please contact me asap...I need the mount
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    you can also email me at i'm not sure why I'm not notified about these messages.
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    I missed a sale by one of the members because i'm not notified by email on any posts.
    I am really trying hard to find a Birger EF mount for my Red one Mx....if anyone can really help me locate one of these I would be most grateful.
    You can also email me at
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