Thread: Building a RED (6K) Editing Workstation in 2018 - What does it take?

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  1. #1 Building a RED (6K) Editing Workstation in 2018 - What does it take? 
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    Hello everyone,

    I'm planning on building a workstation, probably around spring of next year, capable of playing back 6K r3d's from my Epic Dragon in full resolution and in real time and beyond , even when adding something like Lumetri Color in Premiere for example. To my knowledge r3d's are by nature CPU intensive, so my plan of action is a high-core processor and a top-tier GPU for acceleration.

    At the moment I'm waiting for the upcoming 10nm architecture Intel Core family, which I'm well aware has been pushed back numerous times due to manufacturing delays and also for the replacement of the GTX 1080 Ti, whatever that may be called, I suspect CES 2018 will be the time of such announcements. At any rate, what I'm thinking of is a system with a processor of at least 8 cores, the GPU that will replace the 1080 Ti, 64GB of RAM and an SSD Raid Array. Would such components be too much or not powerful enough?

    I know it's a tough question and a highly hypothetical one given there's no real info yet on the performance of the CPU's and GPU's that will replace current gen ones, but given components available now, I wanted to get a picture of what kind of computer parts I need to be able to edit 6K in real time. For the record, I'm not planning on working with 8K footage anytime soon, so effortless 6K editing will suffice. Of course, there are budget limitations too, so I'm not looking for "overkill" components. I'm not looking for a system stuffed with expensive top-tier components simply for the sake of owning an impressive PC, all I need is the necessary power and performance for working with Epic Dragon r3ds in a 4K timeline in Premiere in real time.

    Thank you!

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    I've been using Puget Systems page a lot lately as I think they do a good job testing different tech components. It might be worth it to check out their setups and see what they have so that you could mirror it in your own build.
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    Hi, the 1080 ti should be more than enough for 6K workflows. 8-16 cores. SSD Raids are great but if you're doing projects bigger than commercials or music videos I'd look into either a SAS Raid or a TB3 Raid in the 32TB+ range.
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    There are a lot of new things comming between now and spring 2018.
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    Assuning 6k dragon: a dual 12 core 2.4g Xeon with a 1080 ti will playback at full debayer with good scaleing in RT if there is no bandwidth issues with drives... Output Playback can be eaither 1080 or 4k
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    Hey Aris,
    these are my specs for my personal workstation that handles 6k pretty well. (1/2 res smooth playback in premiere cc)

    Case - Corsair 750D highflow
    PSU - Corsair RM1000x
    Motherboard - Asus Deluxe ii x99
    CPU - Intel i7 6850K 3.6ghz (I've overclocked mine at 4.2ghz stable)
    Water Cooler - Corsair h115i
    Ram - 32gb G.Skill Ripjaws V 2400mhz
    OS Drive - 1tb Samsung 960Evo M.2 ssd
    Projects Drive - 2tb Crucial mx300 ssd
    Raid Drives - 3 x 2tb ironwolf pro in raid5
    Internal Redmag reader (i made a custom cradle for the optical drive slot )

    I built this about a year ago, so if you replace the CPU, MB and GPU with the updated hardware, it will cost roughly the same.
    So i recommend the Asus Deluxe x299, Intel i9 7900X and GTX1080ti, you'll have a beast of a system at a reasonable price.

    my came to around $7000AUD (roughly $5500USD)

    hope this helps!
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    Nice build looks great
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