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  1. #1 Scarlet W with Tilta A1 Rig 
    Has anyone found a good case option for keeping the Tilta A1 rig built on the camera?
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    How you liking the Tilta Rig?
    Nick Morrison
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    Loving it so far! Only drawbacks I have found so far are the SDI ports are not separate feeds (not sure if the DSMC2 expander is either) and the dovetail mount is a tilta propritary size so to get it on an Arri dovetail you have to by a bridge plate (and they are not very cheap). The monitor pogo cable is solid and construction feels great. Having 2 pin lemo power ports is nice as well.
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    Think Tank has a couple of bags just for that purpose.

    Rikki Rockett
    Slave To The Rhythm Productions, Inc.
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