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    I recently upgraded to the Weapon Helium and had kept my original 5.0 Touch monitor since I got it for the original Epic. I notice that when I'm in playback, there seems to be a line running down the center from top to bottom of the image. Almost as if it was a stuck film scratch. I's not in the footage and I only see it in playback but was wondering what you think the issue might be? It would be nice to not have it. I'm not going to spend an extra few thousand for the new monitor since this one works but it does seem odd.
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    We have had many issues with our DSMC1 7" Touch + Epic W — screen tear at startup and while shooting and odd diagonal lines during playback and occasionally during shooting. The 7" screen fully stopped working on our most recent shoot. Our original 5" touch seems to work without issue but we have not shot with it on the W, only tested it now that we are back from our location shoot where the 7" died. Good times...
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    I've notice the same line during playback on my 5" touch screen also. At first I thought it was sensor related! I would also like to know what is the cause of this issue.
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