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  1. #1 Help, buying a Red epic-mx 
    I'm considering buying an Epic-mx

    It seems perfect for me.
    But before buying, could anyone tell me what's available for alternatives that are equivalent to a Red Epic Mx today?
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    You could nab a pretty sweet deal on an Epic MX as well as Epic Dragon. Both those cams still shoot at a higher resolution than 90-95% of the cameras on the market. One thing to keep in mind though before buying into a DSMC 1 brain, is that RED has stated they no longer will officially support repairs. Meaning, if RED no longer has the part that needs to be fixed in your Epic MX, you’ll either have a camera that doesn’t work, or upgrade at that time.

    My Epic MX was a perfect camera the 5-years I had it. Only sold it to upgrade a while back. If you can swing it, an Epic-W is an unbelievable camera for the price and quite frankly, are where a lot of people are going who are making the jump into the RED ecosystem.

    But, with any RED camera, it’s amazing tool and you really can’t go wrong with any purchase.
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