Thread: Raven and Firmware v7.0.0 issues?

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    Only one real bug for me: I tried a Canon EF 24 F/2.8 STM for a weight check on a Ronin, and I tried to activate the autofocus, my Raven completely blocked on fucusing (with fans full-speed) and without a best solution than hard reboot.
    If anyone had this issue with another lens ? Yes, the best solution is to avoid autofocus, for sure ! But I'll need Fool Control when Raven is mounted on Ronin.
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    I've had a number of issues with the RAVEN since updating to firmware 7.0. The issues are intermittent and I can only fix them by restarting the camera, I'm going to open a ticket.

    The camera says the media isn't mounted (even after formatting in camera).
    The camera says the media is full when it has 98% availability
    Touch screen controls don't work at all (after restart they work).
    The record button doesn't work (either), then sometimes it does, then doesn't. Other physical buttons don't work.
    The Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 G2 series lens which is native Canon and fully auto, sometimes doesn't work, the camera greys out aperture controls or lets me change aperture but doesn't actually change anything. Autofocus doesn't work. I assume this is an issue with all of Tamron's new G2 series.

    I'll wait to hear what RED says but I'll likely go back a previous version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edry Hilario View Post

    Thanks so much for replying, I went ahead and updated so far it everything is looking great. The only thing that bother me a bit is the "auto calibration" message showing up every now and then, I wish i didn't have to see that.
    This is still happening to me, with Raven 7.0.1 firmware. Seeing it pop up on screen throws me off for a just second every time it pops up, and it's a bit frustrating. What gives?
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    Auto calibration requires the camera occasionally switch to different calibration maps as conditions require. This has always caused a slight pause in live monitoring in the past. Now, a message appears to explain why there's a pause, as users previously assumed the pause was some kind of glitch or bug when it's actually auto-calibration. You can use manual calibration maps if you find it super annoying. Cheers!
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    can anyone confirm that Version: 7.0.3 is working well ? no record button delay, cycling through settings all smooth ? the annoying calibration message still there?
    I am still on V6.3.106 , because version 7.0.0 was a huge setback in many aspects.
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    For my Raven Red, apparently v 7.0.3 fixes all my previous problems ... except that I can no longer display the percentage of the charge of my batteries. (Globalmediapro) If anyone would have the solution ...
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