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    Hi folks

    My camera is out on a rental and the image on my smallHD DP7 has started lagging behind the camera when panning. The recorded image is fine. This is a rather 'senior' DoP who seems rather nervous and tends to whinge rather a lot, so i am told by the 1st AC. My camera has the Action Products break out plates on top and back, which have always been bomb proof, as has the camera. I have bypassed these plates and gone straight out of the sdi on the back of the camera and there is still a slight delay. Has anyone else experienced this picture lag/delay who could offer an explanation and a fix? I have reset the camera and started from scratch but to no avail. There is also a 'wipe camera' option which i've never used before and am rather nervous about using until i understand what exactly it entails. Any help would be greatly appreciated as they expect to shoot 2 more days with my camera..

    thanks in advance

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    Is the camera outside, what's the air temperature? It usually happens to any field monitors when it's cold outside, the monitor starts acting like several seconds delay, delivers some ghosting and so on.

    SDI cable length?
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    Do they have any LUTS or other image processing in the pipeline (like focus peaking or other tools?)

    Any extra work the monitor has to do to the signal could potentially cause some delay. Especially on an older monitor.

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    Are you hooked up directly or wirelessly? Have you tried adjusting the hertz/refresh out put under the display settings for your given output? That could potentially help. Try higher refresh rate of 60 htz.

    Have you tried it with a different monitor other than the SmallHD? Same issue persist? If you're using HDMI, try SDI, or the other way around to see if it's the port on the monitor issue.
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    Try auto output. 60hz.
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