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    When a campaign achieves it's desired goals, (especially in advertising where some of the most usefully creative people on the planet work), that is super awesome.

    RED also has a significant presence in India too... No? So that kinda looks like a win win to me (Sorry to be all commercial an'all and overly on-message lol ).

    I'll bug out...

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    *.. And not of all of those comments sound like they are from "Click-farm" in Mumbai either.... ;-) As a matter of fact a lot of those comments (on the JeepIndia FB page) sound very similar (in tone and expectation) as RedUsers comments and posts when waiting for their new gear/kit.
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    I love it. There is that feeling that the images always hit the mark (no pun intended) to what could bring home the most intense experience in that very second. Unleashed. A humbling and motivational experience on my side at the same moment.
    @Mark, I have asked years before, but again: it would be wonderful to have a hands-on weekend with you. If you ever do one or any kind of class, please reserve a seat for me!
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    Awesome imagery! Listen, IRL, this won't look as gorgeous. I'm from India, and yeah, the beauty is definitely in the EYE of the beholder. If you can't see it, you can't capture it. So kudos to Mark for seeing it and capturing it.

    Also, this made me miss my old Jeep Wrangler (FB cover photo) so bad!
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    I think this thread should mainly be about celebrating a very talented and humble person. Constructive criticism and discussions are always welcome but lets not forget that this is a camera forum...

    Mark is a huge inspiration and I rise my glass to him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacek Zakowicz View Post
    I rest my case:
    Let me quote myself
    "we need to be careful about the message we put out"
    What appeals to a Viking may not appeal to a Hindu monk (portrayed in that commercial)
    We are a bit derailed here, as its a camera forum and the topic of the films are a bit of topic.

    But, I can only guess they are not trying to sell an expansive SUV car to hindu munks. And if you mean hindu munks would be offended / feeling used to be pictured in the film, then Jeep will get to hear about it, but normally they do quite a bit of research and tests before and after they make a film like this and take precautions. And to me this is a film that shows the glory of india in more than a very respectful way. But again maybe this is like painting ugly Pictures of Mohammed I would not know. I leave that to those that do know.

    And I just mean that I think / guess the target is something like the "suit, tie and family success" kind of guys in india and the focus from the creatives was to play on those guys pride that they have for their heritage. And yes, that I think Toia and the creative team has done in a nice way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Sherrick View Post
    Mesmerizing piece Mark!

    Have a few questions for you.

    1. What was the budget (if you can share)?

    2. What was the post workflow? Did you edit this? If so what NLE? R3Ds or proxies? You mention you did the finishing on a laptop on plane. Did you finish in Resolve or NLE? I assume you are using new color spaces?

    3. what is your typical crew size for this kind of project?

    4. would love to know any info you can provide about lenses and lighting. I assume a lot of modifiers were used.

    A lot of questions and I know you are super busy right now with the feature, so whatever you are able to answer I'll be grateful.

    Great job as usual! I'm sure we'll be hearing about your feature soon. You are destined to be doing movies.
    Did Mark Toia ever weigh in on any of this...would love to hear the answers to these questions!
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    Absolutely speechless. I got choked up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by William Long View Post
    Agree with both Zeb and Philip on this.
    I fall in this camp too. Stunning imagery, Mark's talents on full display, india is a cinematographer's dream. But the presence of a soccer-mom SUV popping up here and there (albeit in a quiet and unassuming way) was a little jarring, interrupted the magical flow as it were.

    I've often thought about the associative propensity in marketing to co-opt huge things for mundane purposes, would I use Humpback Whale song to sell washing machines?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Hamilton View Post
    I've often thought about the associative propensity in marketing to co-opt huge things for mundane purposes, would I use Humpback Whale song to sell washing machines?
    Well, sure... the krill would be like all of the dirt particles, and the whale is sweeping them all up... keeping that ocean squeaky clean!
    j/k... I understand your point. I think much of it relates to how memorable the images are to the viewers.
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