I have created this resource as a means for our Reduser community to gain insight into the various optical option available. My goal is to create through, practical and consice reviews of lenses to be used on the Red One. Until I have my Red I will be using the very similar specd. Nikon D2X. The reviews to follow will be based on RAW captures that have been croped to 4096x2304.
Exactly 4k 16:9 format. This is the format most of us will be using and offers the exact FOV of the Red 4K mode. I have tried my best to be consistent in my testing but I will alwas try to improve and am always open to suggestions or additions. The first lenses reviewed will be Nikkors because of the testing platform, when my Red arrives I begin testing other brands of lenses including Red's own line, Canon, Leica and professional cinema glass such as Cooke & Zeiss.