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    Hello my name is Tim Rice, I am located in Atlanta, Georiga. I am currently in the market for a Red Raven, preferably a kit. I am paypal ready, and excited to purchase my first Red. I am also interested in a Red Raven brain if you don't have a kit. Shoot me a email or pm to work out a deal. Thanks!

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    They are back available as a kit on RED's website, you should check it out there. Good luck!

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    maxx digital in california, ask for matt! I think they have 2

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    I heard you can get 'em at the Apple store now.

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    Shame you're not in the UK, just about to list mine for sale on here now.. good luck with the hunt!

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    If you are still interested, I'm going to list mine up sometime today and/or tomorrow.

    My kit is the traditional V-lock (body, plus V-mount, LCD monitor, existing RED mini-handle, 1 mini-mag, AC/DC power adapter and the hard case that it came in).

    It has about 70.3 hours on it.

    Red ARMOR (Warrantee) that will last till next April (2018), which I will transfer to the buyer.

    To make it interesting, I am going to add the Red Sidekick, Red Station for Mini-mags (USB - 3.1), Red sliding handle with nato rail, Red Lemo Adapter A and Red Lemo Adapter B, and 2 LCD/EVF Cables (the adapters and cables will allow to reconfigure the LCD in different ways.

    I'm putting up my kit for $11,500.00 (USD).

    By the way, I live in Canada, and that price includes shipping.

    Only accepting Escrow payment.

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    hey I'm interested in buying your red camera ...

    contact me @

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    I sent you an email, Qasim.
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    I also am planning to list my Raven for sale here in the next few days. I purchased it this past August with plans to use it underwater but have decided to perfect my technique with my Canon 5D4 setup and forego the additional expensive housing for the moment. I am selling just the brain and am keeping the other accessories because I would like to get back into the DSMC2 system sometime in the relatively near future.

    I am located in NJ/NYC, have 21.2 hours on the camera as of now and will have a few more hours of shooting in the next couple weeks. Camera is in perfect condition with original packing and warranty.

    Going to list it in the Marketplace forum shortly but saw this thread ...
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