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    This is kinda a odd question, but I figured better safe than sorry.

    I recently got a Red One MX, it currently has the Nikon mount attached right now so I've been playing with some cool old Nikon lenses... I have a Sigma zoom that I would like to use, but I noticed it's a rear element zoom. So when zooming, the rear extrudes outwards towards the sensor.

    So my question is this. Is it safe to use with my Red? I'm slightly worried about the rear element backing up into the sensor and damaging it. The sensor isn't as deep into the camera body as I thought, so I figured I would ask here first if anyone has used rear element zooms with the R1 first. Better safe than sorry! The Sigma lens is designed for mirrored SLR type cameras.
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    If it clears the mirror it will clear the RED sensor 100%
    No need to worry. You can double check on a SLR Camera with the rear element in the furthest back position in the lens .
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