Thread: ABT SpeedMount EF a Speedbooster Built Into Your RED Camera

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    Hi David,

    Where will you be selling them when ready? Would love one of these on my Helium with the STHL OLPF.
    Corey Robson
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Van View Post
    Looking good David, I can't wait.
    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Tresch View Post
    Thank you so much!

    Quote Originally Posted by Julen De La Serna View Post
    They seem incredible built, is there any new footage from new unit? This year I'm not going to be able to go to the IBC, and for the price of this speedbooster I want to be sure of the quality from the footage of it. Another question, will there be any reduction for the launch of the IBC, or will the price be maintained?
    We haven't shot anything new, but here's a video that was shot on RED DSMC2 Helium, SpeedMount PL mk1, Tokina Vista Primes, NiSi Alure Black Mist filter:

    Also there will be quite a lot of footage next year on Netflix :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by Suresh Kara View Post
    thesel look amazing!

    just wish the price was more tempting
    The project has been a little bit of a mess (we did the mk1 version with a company that had some issues - you can read more about it somewhere back in this thread), so we currently can't give any discounts. But feel free to contact me by pm or email. We have a few test units that we could give you at a discounted rate if you're interested.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Hess View Post
    It says the atlas has a 31mm image circle, so if I'm doing my math correctly: 5k 6:5 Anamorphic on Gemini would have the sensor at 21.6x18, and then if you divided that by .7 you would get 30.8x25.7, so it would technically barely fit. Hoping I'm doing my math correctly haha, and I'm even okay with some vignette since I think it adds a nice stylistic look to everything.
    Most anamorphic lenses protrude quite far into the camera, so there might be the issue that the rear of the lens hits the optical block. I'll try to test it soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Corey Robson View Post
    Hi David,

    Where will you be selling them when ready? Would love one of these on my Helium with the STHL OLPF.
    We're selling them directly from our store. We start shipping early next week.

    Now were only waiting on the black screws to finally finish the SpeedMount!

    Glaswerk ONE & ONE+ 2x VV anamorphic lenses
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