Thread: Any public tools to get build# and varispeed data from footage?

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  1. #1 Any public tools to get build# and varispeed data from footage? 

    Are there any public tools that can get the build# and vari-speed data from RED footage?

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    With the RED SDK not yet released, I'd say the answer is no. REDline will get the fps information out I believe, but the build data isn't reported (at least with --printMeta it's not).

    Both those pieces of information are probably quite easily extracted from the header of the R3D files, but the spec isn't published yet, it still subject to change, and no one from RED will help you figure out where it is.
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    You can see the build# in a Hexeditor like Hexedit.
    It's in the header of the R3D file like this: "%3.1.2#16" for build 16 3.1.2
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    Thanks for that, just checked then as I needed to know.
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