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    You guys might as well migrate over to here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Lindsay View Post
    .. just becuse of something said in the FD times interview and the specific phraseing of Jarred's 1st post I have to ask if the new Vista 8k sensors shown come from the 'old dragon' oven and recipe?

    thanks Brent..
    the sensors in this photo are actually Monstro VV Sensors, not Dragon VV sensors. :)
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    “got in a monster batch”

    I try not to read between the lines, but maybe I should. ;)
    - Jeff Kilgroe
    - Applied Visual Technologies, LLC | RojoMojo
    - Just me and my 8K Monstro VV kicking ass.
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    "monster batch"...HAHAHAHAHA!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post


    Good news. No. GREAT news.

    This week we got in a monster batch of VV sensors with a yield so high that it's off the charts.. More perfect sensors in this single batch than we have had in 2 years...

    Initial package testing was completed this morning and the results of months and months and months of incredible hard work from our incredible engineering team looks to have finally paid off.

    Mind blowing.

    These will continue to go through the normal QA and characterization over the next few weeks and start to be ready to drop into Weapons in mid October.. so if you are early on the list get ready.

    This batch and hopefully the next batch next month should start to finally make a good dent in the preorders ( but not all of them ) Your order time is important... but also those who have had a good attitude during the painful wait will also be rewarded.

    O.. and if you are one of the handful that bought a Storm Trooper Weapon and have a VV reservation in , you get a nice little push to the front of the line. I told you there would be a reward for that leap of faith, so thank you :)

    Of course... shit could go wrong and the next batch could be back to nothing which mean when we call for your VV upgrade, please be ready. No pressure if you want to wait of course, but the road is still unknown. These VVs are special unicorns.

    Get into a Weapon if you have your eyes on VV. The customer upgrade program for non-dsmc cameras ends September 28th, if you have a DSMC2 you will have a bit more time than that... but come october and the RED ARMOR-X program begins that includes sensor swapping and that's only open to Weapon owners with some weight on if you already have one before the program begins.

    Thank you all again for being patient... I know it's been a long one.

    Jens Jakob Thorsen DFF
    Director of photography
    Monstro VV
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    Hey Jarred
    Any idea when those of us at the tail end of the VV queue will get our Helium upgrades? 5 months ago you hinted to me it was imminent and that I should contact my bomb squad rep however they said I am still on the waiting list and would be notified when it was my turn.
    Guessing my Monstro upgrade won't happen for a while based on my Helium experience. Monsto seems incredible but in the meantime will be great to get to play around with the Helium sensor and fathom it's capabilities.
    Thanks Tom
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