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    Obviously Youtube compression becomes an issue but I've noticed that there are few MX videos by new owners that capture what is capable
    with the MX. It's a fine camera for well lit and controlled shoots and very able to do high level work, do not pretend it is a DSLR and shoot using
    low quality lighting and what is cheapest. Invest in high CRI lighting.

    I'm always amazed more people aren't still using it, I am recoloring it using IPP2 as I noticed it has way less noise in the darks and softer
    skin roll offs for the final release, (it's almost out of it's 1 year festival run and going up for sale.)

    Give this camera proper lighting and it's good to go, we did another short film with it and the IPP2 pipeline easily gives you half a stop more
    and beautiful skin tones that I've never seen before making this camera easily again, a pro level camera against the wealth of competitors
    out there.

    I'll post that up soon.
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    Looks superb.
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    Great work! The R1 still packs a mighty punch!
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    The Red One is a giant in it's own category. Yep I'm MX all the way, no more updates for the Red One & Epic MX. These cakes are baked so now I can test and create my own look and styles with these cameras. 8K is great etc. but you are suppose to pick the right tools for your job. Thanks Red!!! I may upgrade one day but for right now I need to know what these MX cameras can really do.
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    Looks awesome.... Nice work
    The world is changing are you?
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