Thread: Images on Reduser no longer being resized by the Reduser site?

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  1. #1 Images on Reduser no longer being resized by the Reduser site? 
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    Just a question about whether something's changed on the Reduser site or if it's something on my end.

    I hadn't posted any images here for a while, then when I did recently I noticed they were embedding differently.

    It used to be that I would upload images from ImageShack without any downsizing selected and the images would be reduced in size by the Reduser site. Now images appear on Reduser in the size selected on ImageShack when I copy the embed link from there.

    The difference is, reducing the size of the image via the ImageShack embed link results in a softer image than when the downscale was done via Reduser. There was always some reduction in quality before and picking the right size image to upload was sometimes tricky, but when it worked the resulting image seen on Reduser was better than what I'm seeing now.

    Is this a known change?

    Edit - Seems to have changed back to how it was, or something more similar, thanks for that.
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