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    Sorry for the late reply. I was shooting video too and wanted to see if it’s possible just to use the red for stills and video. I work in house for a luxury brand and so far we have printed 2 adverts - one in Vogue the other in WSJ, used several stills for our catalogue- it’s been extremely versatile.. Yes frame average a must if just using it for stills. I’m taking it out for a stills only shoot soon- will share results
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    if you are getting artifacts for a particular shutter speed .. just do a blackshading calibration to get rid of them . in an ideal world, you would do a calibration each time you change the shutter .. long exposures will give you artifacts if you've gone from 75fps etc ... create some blackshading profiles for the job, and you can forget about the artifacts

    Thats wrong.

    Its for a reason the cameras has limitations for shutterspeed lenghth. if you do 1sec shutterspeeds you will get artifacts like strange pixels along edges and such.
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