Thread: Is it just me or do Leica Summilux C's get resold often?

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  1. #1 Is it just me or do Leica Summilux C's get resold often? 
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    Hi, everybody, I've been keeping an eye on the forum marketplaces, especially here on REDUser, and I've noticed that Leica Summilux C's and even Leica R lenses get resold quite a bit. I know they're supposed to be really nice lenses, the best some would say, and their prices certainly give indication of that. I just wonder why they seem to be frequently resold. Is it just people changing their minds? Looking for different looks? Not renting? Not as good as expected? Etc.
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    Could be people need the cash and that's it.
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    Kind of like RED -- there was a backlog of orders creating a waiting list.

    So speculators got involved thinking that they could sell at a premium and/or shoot a job or two and then resell.

    Leica also increased their prices, which increased this phenomenon.

    They are indeed pretty lenses.
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    Leica sold over 950 000 R series lenses. Tha is a large number, even considering todays resurrected demands. And i do agree, people sell to get cash, lenses are one of the best commodities in this industry.
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