Hi Everyone,

I'm relatively new to the RED platform. I recently purchased a RED to shoot still and motion campaigns for internal clients who require both and are on a tight budget. I've shot two of these so far and have been very happy with the motion but less so with the stills. I'm getting grainy images that are also a bit noisy when zoomed in to 100%. I'm convinced it's something I'm doing in post but have yet to solve the problem. I usually shoot stills on a 5D MKIII and I'm used to seeing sharp, crisp images when zoomed in to 100%. This is important because I am shooting these wider frames with the intention of allowing the client to crop as needed for print ads and such.

I'm treating stills and motion separately. Shooting takes for each with setting that are appropriate for each medium (at least I think they are). I'd really appreciate any advice on best practices for this kind of shoot and how to solve this particular issue. I've got another one coming up in a few weeks.

Gear and settings for still takes:

RED Weapon Helium
Fujinon Premier 18 -85mm @ F4
12fps, 1/400 second, 1280 ISO, 3:1 compression

Link to TIFF: