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    I promised to extend the upgrade program that was supposed to end a few months ago for everyone with R1 and DSMC1 cameras until we got out of the bulk of our new DSMC2 camera backorders, and that time is very near.

    Thanks to our incredibly successful manufacturing expansion over the last few months we are about a week away from being out of backorder on Scarlet-W, Epic-W and Weapon camera brains, so we are going to officially close that upgrade program come September 28th.

    Our repair program for R1 and DSMC1 cameras that use the M or MX sensors will come to an end shortly after that as well as we no longer are manufacturing repair parts for those cameras

    So if you have been on the fence of upgrading your older bodies to DSMC2, now is probably a good time.

    Our VV sensor production is getting better ( you will see a few more of those coming out of the oven in the next few weeks ) and we have some new sensors coming as well like the 8K Helium S35 Monochrome that only will drop into DSMC2 bodies (minus the Raven which is not upgradable).

    We are also changing things up a bit on how the whole sensor upgrade thing works. It no longer will just be a one way upgrade.

    Very soon you will not need to buy a whole new camera or permanently upgrade your existing DSMC2 cameras to get the Monochrome ( and future ) sensors. You just buy the sensor, we will hold it for you. For a small labor fee you can send your DSMC2 (Starting with existing Weapon owners) in to get the sensor swapped back and forth between Dragons, Heliums, etc. etc. etc. as you wish. Almost like the old days where you had one camera and decided on a film stock and changed it per production if needed. A lot more flexibility.

    We will roll out the sensor swap program to existing Weapon DSMC2 owners first over the next few months.. and the Monochrome sensor is just the beginning.. You will have quite a bit of options over the next year and some options that may be difficult to choose between, which is why this sensor swap program is going to be so appealing to many of you.

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