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    Hi tek savy lighting guys

    We have a little studo and a growing number of DMX fixtures.. We would like to embrace the technological opertunities in DMX and multi coloured LED sources.

    Now over the years I have used, when appropriate, a traditional desk op who have brought their expertise to the shoots that needed interesting lighting changes .. I would never want suggest not using a desk op when the job clearly needs one BUT I want to look at the easiest way to remotely control a very small number of lights like Skypanels etc... for small jobs.

    Now we do have a control setup using a laptop and smal control surface we bought for a job a few years back but it is too complicated It is also way too focused on live show production needs and not small film sets...

    I am looking at

    still seems a little too Show oriented but I like that I dump the laptop and it does seem simpler..

    What are others doing?


    Michael Lindsay

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    Luminair is absolutely used in film, I can think of two A-list gaffers who would have to have it wrenched from their cold dead hands ! Epic Dragon
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    I would generally recommend luminair since it's industry standard it seems. I am a little surprised about some of it's limitations though. I've been somewhat impressed by the $3 Android art net controller app for a few reasons even though it's not as pretty.
    Noah Yuan-Vogel |
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    Thank you both for your thoughts....
    Michael Lindsay

    my studio Instagram
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