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    Dear DCP professionals,

    We are proud to announce our all new and extended FinalDCP. File exchange has never been so smooth and easy - now also with IMF standards included. Create IMPs (Interoperable Master Packages) with the same ease as you create DCPs.

    With the FinalDCP version we release today, we add IMF (Interoperable Master Format) support (in Beta stage) and a completely redesigned ReelView to FinalDCP.

    The new FinalDCP ReelView is more intuitive then ever before. While you still have the ReelEditor, you don’t need to open it anymore, just to change your Color Settings.

    We are also adding TiME_QC to every copy of FinalDCP Player. Existing FinalDCP Player customers with a valid maintenance are included.

    Pictures say more than a thousand words, … alas, a test run says more than any description we could offer. Please, do get your own impression and take a look.

    Release notes:

    • added basic IMF support (FinalDCP)

    • redesigned Reel View (FinalDCP)

    • added undo/redo (FinalDCP)

    • added audio waveform to Reel View (FinalDCP)

    • added support for single frame reels (FinalDCP)

    • added expandable CPL View (FinalDCP)

    • added drop Video File into CPL View to create a new CPL (FinalDCP)

    • added snap function to in/out points (FinalDCP)

    • added PNG, BMP & JPG support (FinalDCP)

    • added more P3 white points (FinalDCP/FinalDCP Player)

    • updated Digital Cinema Naming Convention (FinalDCP)

    • fixed not saving MXF/XML subtitles to Project File (FinalDCP)

    • fixed last entry spot number always 1 (FinalDCP)

    • fixed scopes scaling issues on retina displays (FinalDCP)

    • fixed Subtitle color red and blue channel where swapped (FinalDCP Player)

    • fixed typo in Report (TiME_QC)

    Please uninstall your previous version, restart you computer and then install this version.

    Get our trial versions of both FinalDCP and FinalDCP Player. Good to go for 14 days and thus enough time to test all the features of this new exciting DCP tool.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you,

    Timm-Martin Baier

    CEO Innovative Pixel GmbH
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