Thread: 3D audio recording is a binaural recording, any recommendations?

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    3. Binaural recording ASMR - Washing clothes by hand 3D sound:
    4. Fast Sleep- water flowing (3D sound) in the bathroom:
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    Some binaural ASMR videos/audios might help you out of suffering bad sleep, insomia or stress.
    5. Fast Sleep--Drowsy metronome rhythmical sound- Binaural ASMR recording:
    6. Binaural recording ASMR walking sound of High-heel shoes:
    7. Binaural ASMR sound- soft and relaxing bubble sound:
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    Recently, I have recorded some natural sound as below audios displayed.

    1. splashing water surround sound at lakeside:
    2. long time woods birds chirping :

    I think this might help to release the stress and anxiety when you listen to the two relaxing 3D binaural audios through headphones.
    hope you will like it. If you have any sound want to listen, you can leave your comment below.
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    I have done a 3D Audio VS normal stereo test, and you can put on headphones to check out the difference.

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    A new 3D video comes out! It is about a sweet couple of hamsters daily life, let's enjoy it by headphones. Recorded by Scenes Lifelike.
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