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    Quote Originally Posted by Will Ainsworth View Post
    agree with above ^^^ also it wasnt me ripping your work to shreds, just without critique you will not progress. i still have loads to learn, wherever i can get help or notes of improvement i jump at the chance - so was just giving something id like to hear myself if i was in your shoes! :)
    I do appreciate you taking the time to critique. This was for my reel as a DP, trying to show I can lighting for (very generically) this type of work. This was one of ~3 spec "fashion" spots I did last year.
    I'm in a odd stop working in Dallas, as there are very few quality directors/industry people to work with (that work in town), I'm forced to self produce any spec projects.
    I meant Beauty/Lifestyle.

    (perfect example of what Im talking about with directors, refused to let me light half of this)

    (or this one is super cringy)

    Story tends to take away more than it adds for me, at least most of the time.
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    Amazing work Josh!
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