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    I have a 3-pack of RedVolt-V's that shipped in July. I haven't used them a ton, but so far they have worked great with my Switronix XC-4LSRED quad charger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas F. Scheucher View Post
    I had severe Charging Problems, look on my closed thread. It seems to be a fact that the new redvolt - V only works with the RED Charger. If you use another one, it will not work. So what to do?
    WoW did they gave you a reason to closed the thread?
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    Has anyone had issues charging the Redvolt-v's on the CoreSWX fleet chargers?
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    I'm having continuosly problems with my 3 redvolts and the paglink micro charger. If the battery is completely empty after using it with my scarlet-w the charger won't charge. It blinks orange for a few seconds then turns green, as if it was charged, but it's not.

    The only way I can charge them is to drain them completely plugging them to a LED light, then they charge with the micro charger. It sucks because I'f I'm out for a lightweight trip the charger/battery together are not reliable.

    Anyone have a solution? Am I the only one having this issue?

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    Today I've emailed PAG UK because I couldn't charge my revolt-v with the pag micro charger. A few minutes later they called me asking some details, apparently the charger wasn't working properly. They've already sent me a new charger (new version, smaller and improved with usb charger and car adapter) as replacement.
    I can't spend better words to say how they were efficent and professional to solve my issue.
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    I'm thinking about these batteries. But have a question if there are any plans to make these with higher capacity? Thanks
    KAREL ŠIMŮNEK fan of RED :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Etienne Perrin View Post
    Ordered 4!

    Still don't have a V-lock charger, I'm looking for a small one, what charger are you using for V-lock batteries?
    I'm using a PAGlink Micro Charger Model 9710

    Never had an issue, but I'm also using PAG batteries too.
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    Anyone able to figure out a solution to the charging issue? I’ve had a three pack for a while that I’ve used for less than 10 cycles, and recently one stopped charging (doesn’t even show the first green LED), and another has a single LED blinking but won’t charge beyond that even after 10+ hours of charging. I tried powering the camera with both to let them fully discharge but neither has sufficient power for the camera to even turn on. I’ve tried both the RED Brick charger and a third party (IDX) charger.

    I submitted a ticket and the reply was that since I’m beyond the 90 day warranty and the cost of repair exceeds the price of a new unit, I should just purchase new batteries. That’s some customer service...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald MJ Anderson View Post
    Never buy red batteries.
    my bricks have been rock solid, owned other brands too, whats your beef dude

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    I've yet to see a REDvolt-V mounted on a DSMC1 with RED Quickplate... Can anyone take a quick shot of it? Does it sit as flush as it does on DSMC2?
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